In Massachusetts, 14.6% of children at schools are bullied.

If you were given the opportunity to help prevent bullying...

would you?



$5 for Students, $10 for General

50 for $350 ($150 Savings)

Proceeds fund 1/2 day

Equine-Assisted anti-bullying workshop

for local schools, k-8th grade.



To purchase buttons or learn more about sponsoring a school you can 

call us at 413-698-3700 or



Horses Stop Bullying is a collaborative project with Miss Halls School Horizon's program

Berkshire HorseWorks™ (BHW), is a 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation which offers workshops in EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to organizations of all kinds on its 7.5 acre property in Richmond, MA. With a focus on Equine Assisted Team building for international corporations, school districts, and state agencies, BHW uses horses in ground- based activities to enhance personal development, cohesion, critical thinking skills, and group dynamics in the workplace.